19 September 2011

Bali local foods

Traveling in Bali during your day tour, You must be need to eat (lunch and Dinner), What to eat in Bali? Is there something special? yes, there are lots of Balinese local food you may interest to try. The Balinese foods is type of spicy and full tasted food, There are lots of spice inside the vegetable and meats.
To find Balinese foods the place to go is Ubud (Gianyar) Regency, The food which is famous in Ubud is as follow:
  • Ibu oka Babi Guling (roast suckling Pig), If you are not a Moslem you may try this kind of food, Baby Guling is the most important food in Bali for daily ceremonial need and for daily need consumed. The Ibu Oka (the owner of the shop) currently has 2 shop in Ubud village, one is located in front of Ubud place or Ubud Market and the other one is located in Mas village, A few minutes before ubud.
  • Ibu Mangku Nasi ayam Kedewatan (mixed rice). This warung (shop) is very popular for local people or local tourist from out side Bali. The shop of Ibu Mangku is located out side of ubud Village, There is a few minutes drive escape from central ubud. 
  • Bebek bengil restaurant (Dirty duck restaurant) the restaurant offer special duck (smoky and crispy) duck.
  • Ayam tutu (chicken Tutu) This kind of food has a unique cooking style, it may spen 24 hour to be ready, the chicken is fully spiced and covered with Banana leave and then burn it in the ground with low fire. The meat is also can be change with duck (duck tutu)
  • Sate Lilit, Sate lilit is made by meat and mix with soft sliced coconut with various spice inside, the best taste of sate lilit is grilled sate lilit, but there also may be fried sate lilit. (the meat also can be changed with pork,duck or fish, Beef are rarely used.
  • Lawar Bali, is kind of Balinese vegetable contain meat and vegetable.mixed with sliced coconut meat.
That is a few sample of Balinese food that you may interest to Try, Remember that Balinese foods is mostly containing Pork and full spice. 

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