Bali traditonal "barong and Keris" Dance

Barong and keris dance
Bali Island is one of the famous tourist attraction in Indonesia and even to foreign nationals. Many tourists, both local and foreign tourists come to visit Bali.The beauty of the island of Bali which makes them arriving on this island.

Barong dance is a Pre-Hindu
cultural heritage that uses a
four-legged stuffed animal tangible or early humans who have magical powers. Barong mask is made from wood taken from places like the haunted graveyard, therefore Barong is a sacred object which is sanctified by the Hindu community in Bali. This dance show with or without play, always beginning with the show opening, accompanied by gamelan (Bali music instruments). There are several types of  Barong but are often staged for tourist consumption are the type of Barong Ket, Sacralization Barong & Rangda
Barong Ket or Barong Keket are most numerous in Bali and most often performed as well as having a complete  dance movement. From its form, the Barong Ket is a mix between a lion, tiger, cow or Boma. Barong body is decorated with carvings made ​​of leather, affixed to a sparkling mirror glass and fur made ​​from perasok (fiber from the leaves of a plant similar to pandanus), fibers or others of the crow-quill.
The show of Barong Dance is daily performed start from 9-10 Am In Kuta or Batu Bulan Village, Entry ticket apply

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