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Where's Bali in the Map - Bali in Indonesia

When you heard About Bali, You may need want to know where is Bali in the Map. A small island in Indonesia, One of the Most popular travel destination in the world. Located in Between Java and Lombok Island in the central part of Indonesia , South east Asia. Sunset at Tanah Lot, Bali Bali in Indonesia, South east Asia   Bali is an island in Indonesia, Indonesian country is the of the biggest and most populated country in south east Asia. Located  between the Indian and Pacific oceans. It is the world's largest island country, with 17.504 islands. and at 1,904,569 square kilometers (735,358 square miles), the 14th largest by land area and 7th in the combined sea and land area. With over 261 million people, it is the world's 4th most populous country as well as the most populous Muslim-majority country. Bali is one of among those 17.504 island. Bali in Indonesian Map Bali is located in the center of Indonesia, lays between Java and Lombok island. Sit
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The Best Things To do In Bali - Must See and Do

What to do in Bali? This small island has to many interesting places and activities to do while you are in Bali. From it's historical temples, amazing waterfalls into Beach clubs are available. Here is the best things to do to make your holiday in Bali enjoyable. Visit Balinese Temples Temples is the main attractions you must visit in Bali. Hindu temples are the most you can see. Hindu temple is unique, rich of culture and located in a peaceful location. Here is the Must see Temples in Bali. 1. Uluwatu Temple , located in the south end of Bali island, a temple in the edge of the cliff side overlooking Hindian ocean. Is the best to see during the sunset time. Here you can watch daily show of traditional Kecak and fire dance from 6-7PM. Entrance fee : IDR. 50.000/person Kecak dance show ticket: IDR. 100.000/person 2. Tanah lot temple , Located in the south west of Bali. It is the most popular temple in the sea. The best for sunset in the evening and most popu

Best Beaches in Bali - Beach Map around Bali island

What is the Best Beaches in Bali to visit while holiday in Bali? This island is surrounded by the sea, Almost every side of Bali has the nicest beach. Visiting Beach in Bali is a must  thing to do in Bali . Swim, Sunbathing, Canoeing, Boat riding to the beach clubs is the way to spend the day in the beach. Blue point Beach, Uluwatu The most popular and Best beaches in Bali can be fund in the southern Part of Bali. Here you will find the World class surfing beach with its Big waves, White sandy beach and clear crystal water. Read Also: The Best Waterfalls in Bali Bali Beaches Map To easier for you located the Beaches in Bali, Here is the Map of all beaches in Bali.  Beach in Balinese language is written pantai which is mean Beach, If you are ridding a scooter in Bali and try to located Beach, you can look for this Word to lead you to the Beach. Here is the best Beaches in Bali you should visit. Sunset In Bali Pandawa Beach, Kutuh The longest coastal l

Bali Waterfalls Map - Explore all the best Waterfall in Bali

Waterfalls list and Maps In Bali Island The Nature of Bali, Especially in the northern side is the host of Waterfalls. This is favorite places to visit and must do in Bali if you are nature lover. Visiting waterfall may needs a long effort since most of them are located deep in the countryside. Walking trough the forest and walking down on a slippery steep step for some waterfall visit is required.  However, The hard way to get into waterfall will be paid and you will be amazed with the beautiful view and its peaceful surrounding. Visiting waterfalls is the best things to do in Bali if you are looking for the best sight of Balinese Nature.  Sekumpul waterfalls  Here is the List of Waterfalls in Bali you can Visit: Munduk Waterfall  Blemantung Waterfall  Campuhan Waterfall  Colek Pamor  Waterfall Jembong  Waterfall Yeh Mampeh  Waterfall Desa Musi  Waterfall Peguyangan  Waterfall Aling-Aling  Waterfall Gitgit Waterfall  Sekumpul Waterfall  Nungnung Waterfall 

Things To do in Ubud - The Best of Ubud Bali

What is there Things to do in ubud, Bali?  A very popular villages in the center part of the island. Has been rated as the best city on many travel website. This village is the trully representative of native Balinese culture and life style. Compare to other area in Bali, which has already mix the real looks of Bali due to tourism development. Ubud still stick with it's natural Balinese environment, culture and lifestyle.  Here you will find more typically Balinese building still strong with it's local identity. So if you are looking for the real Bali, Go to ubud Bali. Here is all things to do in ubud and surrounding. Where is ubud in Bali? Ubud is a village in the center part of the island in Gianyar regency. Known as the house of the Artist from carver, painter into dancer. From Bali Airport to ubud is approximately 45km-55km. It is within 1.5 hours drive from the airport. Price for airport transfer to ubud from $25-35 for private transfer via taxi or hiring a Ba

Renting A scooter in Bali, How Much and How to Get it

Renting A Scooter in Bali is another options you can do to cruise and explore Bali island by yourself. It is Cheap comparing to Hire a driver in Bali , It is much more economic. Riding a scooter is a fun things you may try in Bali. You will experience like a locals. Scooter is the main vehicle used by local to transport themselves for many purpose, Like going to work, Transport the kids to Schools, Go to market etc. There are Local bus as the public transport but their line is limited. So The best and fastest is using motor bike. Bali Traffic condition Road Traffic in Bali sometimes is frustrating, Especially in a town like Kuta, Seminyak, Denpasar city etc. Even getting worse at the certain hours from 2PM onward where the school finished and worker are going back to their home. By this reason Ridding a scooter is the best option. If you want to ride scooter by your self you must understand how local ride it safely. Those if you have no experience and not license

Bali Prepaid SIM card for data plan and cheap calling to oversea

Bali Sim Card, Your Mobile internet choice to travel around in Bali to get stay connected to the internet for any purpose. Which Sim Card is better to buy while in Bali? And how to how much will it cost? Compare to Roaming package, You can simple buy a Sim card in Bali. There are 2 Main provider that we recommended to use for faster internet connection all around Bali Are. There is Telkomsel and XL Sim Card you can chose to Buy for the best coverage of 3G/4G Lte Speed. Both this Sim card most used by locals for Best Coverage and Cheap Data plan or Calling with Telkomsel Prepaid SIM Card Telkomsel is the First Cellular network provider in Indonesia from since 1995. Indeed the Best with coverage in almost Every Indonesian archipelago. In Bali itself, Telkomsel is mostly used by local which is staying away from the town, Especially within the Remote area in the deep countryside part.  The Product Telkomsel Product available in Post Paid and Prepaid. Their prepaid