05 January 2012

Bali Money exchange rules

Visiting Bali and confusing what currency to Bring? Bali such an international market, here all the major currencies are accepted during the transaction. For the better and efficient time during some shopping or bill settle on a several shop or market, Kindly choose US Dollar. US Dolar is the international major currency that is almost accepted in every hotel, restaurant,shop or even the traditional market.
How ever it is recommended to provide your self with USD then exchange it to the authorized money exchange. During the exchange, pay attention to the following tips:
  • Make sure your US Dollar in the newest series, recommended the series is above 2000, this is can be seen in the middle bottom of your US Dollar, The oldest series (below year 2000) is mostly has lower exchange rate and even being rejected by the money exchanger company.
  • Keep your US Dollar in straight position, do not Fold them, a strong folding line might be causing your US Dollar is not accepted.
  • Make sure your US Dollar without any tears, Additional mark or another sign
  • Do not bring US Dollar in a small notes ($1, $2, $5, $10's notes) the small notes will be valued bellow the normal exchange rate. If you have the small notes,do not exchange them, keep them and use them to settle bill in every shop which is their prices listed in US Dollar, Such as Hotel rate payment.
  • Exchange only the biggest note ($50 and $100's notes) for your better exchange rate.
  • Avoid to exchange your US Dollar in a unauthorized money exchanger (usually in a small shop and offer high rates), find only the major Bank or go to Central Kuta money changer (it is available branch anywhere in the tourist destinations) ask your local driver or guide to help you to find them.
  • During the transaction, do not accept if the money changer give you a small notes of Indonesian Rupiah, our small notes is 1.000,5.000,10,000,20.000 and the bigger/biggest note is 50.000 and 100.000, Example if you change $ 100 into Indonesian Rupiah by the rate $ 1 = IDR 9500, So you will received IDR 950,000 (nine hundred fifty thousand rupiah) so you will have 9 pieces of 100.000 notes and 1 piece 50.000 note or may also 19 pieces of 50.000 note.avoid if the money changer give you all in 20.000 or smaller note for the example total received as mentioned above
 If you having trouble or confusing to understand about the articles above, don't be hesitate to ask the further simple question.
Hopefully helpful for the all travelers. Happy holiday

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