26 August 2011

Balinese traveler rule

To day i would like to inform you a few things about the local Balinese Behaviour or Manner in daily society. here is a few thing that you may need to know during your tour in Bali.
  1. When you are (women) in monthly period (menstruation) you are prohibited to enter the temple, In every temple will put an announcement in the main Gate, But you may able to see from out side the temple area. Why? Temple is a sacred place for Balinese, and Blood from the menstruation is usually called/trusted as dirty blood that may affect the sanctity of temples in Bali.
  2. Balinese people may not enter the temple when their relatives (family member) is passing away valid until the "cleaning" Ceremony held
  3. When meet Balinese, Avoid to Hold/touch their head. Head is the most protected and defended. 
     Balinese people is a friendly, easy and welcoming every people,Being nice with them and they will greet you with smile.
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