18 June 2011

Travel tips

Bali useful Travel tips

Before visiting Bali island, This tips according to Bali tourism might become your pre references for your holiday preparations:

♦ Make sure you have already made the hotel Booking, kindly compare rates from internet or directly contact the hotel official site for your guarantee, Deposit may charge for this term. This is to prevent you missed your hotel room especialy during peak seasons (June-August, December-January, Public holiday or Moslem Holiday,Etc)

♦Prepare your self with sun block, The weather in Bali is around 26-36•C.

♦Change your currency to the trusted money changer, Don't be interested in higher rate offer from illegal money changer, They are totally tricky. Central Kuta Autorized money changer is one of the trusted money changer with recent update rates, They have branches in every tourist destinations.

♦For large amount sale, Use your credit card for better transaction if you are having problem with local "rupiah" Currency (Bank surcharge may apply from 2-3% from your total sale)

♦Local "rupiah" (signed with "Rp") the bank note is start from Rp.1,000,-Rp.2,000,- Rp.5,000,- Rp.10,000,- Rp.20,000, Rp.50,000,- and the largest bank note is Rp. 100,000,-. The coin available for Rp.100, Rp.200, Rp.500, Rp. 1000 (they are rarely used)

♦If you book for low class hotel, prepare your self with 3 pins plug extension, Local plug is using 2 pin plug (some hotel may provide,But most of them not provide the plug extensions) This is useful for your recharger electronics.

♦Buy local SIM card if your provider doesn't have roaming, Local SIM card is very easy and cheap to buy in every shop around your hotel or every shop in Bali. (Best provider signal  is Telkomsel card, XL Card)Put your questions,information,Bookings or anything related to Bali traveling to the comments box below for quick response!
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