23 June 2011

Bali traditonal "Kecak and ramayana | fire dance" Dance

Bali most popular dance live perform daily in Uluwatu temple or Batui Bulan stage, Kecak dance is a dancing without using any music instrument, The dance is danced by tens or even hundred people in every performance. The dancing using the dancer sound to make the musicby shouthing "chak-achack"

Scene 1 
Rama Sita and the Admiral was in the woods suddenly appeared a golden deer (the incarnation of king Ravana aide assigned to lure Rama to leave Sita alone) approached them and then move away as if to invite them to play a humorous look at deer that Sita asked Rama to the king to catch it. Before leaving Sita Rama, Rama asked his brother Admiral guard Sita, Rama andSita and admirals to abandon pursuit of the golden deer that ran away ... Not every few laps later the sound of pain that sounds like Rama and ask for help ... .... Hearing that Sita was worried and asked Rama to catch up to Admiral, Admiral did not believe that that voice is the voice of Rama Rama because he knew could not be harmed by deer scores. But Sita would not understand he became angry and accused the admiral Admiral deliberately allowed Rama to die so he could marry Sita later. Because ultimately kept pressed by Sita Rama Lakshmana want to go catch up. Before leaving Sita alone Admiral makes a circle and asked Sita to stay within the circle. After the Admiral left and then came a lady pastor who is actually the incarnation of Ravana. This pastor asked for water to Sita. Feeling sorry for Sita gave water to the priest with his hand stretched out circle. Immediately the old priest turned into Ravana. Then take Sita away.
Scene 2
Narrated Sita has been in the Kingdom of Alengka accompanied by Trijata - nephew of Rahawana assigned to guard Sita. Sita looked sad fate weeping while keep hoping Rama came to rescue him. Then came the White Apes - Hanuman. At first thought that Sita was an incarnation of Hanuman Ravana, but after the Hanuman explained that he was a messenger from King Rama, and hand over the ring as proof. Then Sita gives interest to the Hanuman for submission to King Rama. Before leaving the kingdom Alengka Hanuman set fire to the park and elsewhere in the kingdom Alengka as a message to Ravana that Rama would come to rescue Sita.
Scene 3
The battle begins, with a servant named Rama Tualen and soldiers arrived in Alengka keranya to attack and destroy the kingdom of Ravana. At the beginning of the battle the son of Ravana and his servant named Megananda Delem beat Tie Rama with her magic so that Rama and his men could not move and become limp. Then Rama prayed to the gods untu k save it, then comes the bird garuda helped Rama to escape from the magic Megananda.
Scene 4
Then Rama and his army back then recover as usual King Rama ordered the monkey Sugria against Megananda, In this scene the dancers cak will form 2 groups one group being a soldier Megananda, one other group in the army Sugriva. In this battle Sugriwa beat Megananda. Then the dancers cak back into one group.
Scene 5
Told that can be defeated Ravana and Rama has been reunited with his wife Sita. Their meeting was witnessed by Admiral, Sugriva and Hanuman.
At each end of the supporting performances are all dancers will gather on stage and invite visitors to make memories with a picture together.

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