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Car and Rates

Price Per Car
CAR TYPE CAPACITY Price (in Indonesian Rupiah, IDR)
8 Hours 10 Hours 12 Hours
Toyota Avanza 2-6 Persons 400.000 500.000 600.000
Suzuki APV 2-7 Persons 400.000 500.000 600.000
Isuzu ELF 7-14 Persons 800.000 850.000 900.000
Charter price includes private car, no sharing with other participants
Price includes driver fee, fuel, parking, toll fees and Mineral water
price exclude: Entrance fee/Admission during the tours, meals and other personal expense

FROM/TO AIRPORT (Price Per Vehicles)
Hotel area No. of Person
2-6 Person 6-12 Person
Kuta/Legian IDR. 150.000 IDR. 350.000
Nusa Dua/Jimbaran IDR. 175.000 IDR. 400.000
Seminyak/Sanur IDR. 200.000 IDR. 450.000
Umalas/Denpasar city IDR. 250.000 IDR. 500.000
Ubud center IDR. 400.000 IDR. 600.000
Northern Ubud IDR. 450.000 IDR. 650.000
Price valid for 1 way transfer from or to airport, Price is per vehicles

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