23 July 2011

Tips to hire Bali tour guide and driver in bali

Bali local tour guide is easily found in every tourist destinations/ Tourist center in Bali, Mostly the local tour guide is offering the service with various choice of tour and rates. Some of them are working with car charter by hourly limit (Not recommended due to traffic jam problem, It will add you more extra hour when you exceed the quote) and the others driver is offer their service base on day trip, It means they will drive you until the tour finish (usually up to dinner time). This private tour driver is recommended since you will never worry about the tour time and it has no tour limit.

However, advance booking or earlier booking is a better choice when hiring for driver for your tour in Bali. So when you arrive to Bali you will not need to find and Bargaining which is wasting time.
Since you are reading this post,you likely are planning ahead and have the good fortune of thinking about a driver before you arrive on Bali.  In your research,  these are some questions you should be asking:
  1. Does he have a website?   This is the best way to find a professional driver.   Through his website, you will be able to contact him in advance, you will be able to see if he is proficient in English, to see if he has suggestions for touring the island, what his rates are and finally, if he has references or testimonials.    
  2. you will see that the driver gives you lots of information about himself,  his contact information, his pricing,  testimonials, suggestions for tours, what to see and what the time constraints are.
  3. If the driver has a webpage or email, contact him and see how promptly he responds to your inquiry.   Will he commit to picking you up at the airport?  Can he accommodate your schedule? What recommendations does he have for your stay on Bali?  Does he know of special events and activities you can see? Can he recommend hotels, restaurants and things to do? Does he have standard tours and can he suggest a custom tour for your traveling party?
  4.  How well does he speak English?  Finding a driver who can communicate with you well is the highest priority.   A driver  fluent in English can identify what your interests and needs are and can make recommendations to you that will fit in your time considerations and budget.   A driver who speaks English well will also be able to add depth to your Bali experience by explaining the local  about the Balinese culture and customs and the meaning behind  the offerings and other religious rituals that are so important to everyday life on Bali.
  5.  Are his rates reasonable and fair?  Just like a driver who charges too much (see my experience above), beware of a driver that offers you a rate that is too low.    The average rate for the use of a driver is about 400,000 rupiah, (about $47.00) for a full day of driving (up to 10 hours).   This is a fair wage for both you and the driver.
  6.  Can he provide you with a referral or two?  What do the testimonials on his website say about his professionalism and promptness?   Ask his referrals if he is a safe driver.   To the uninitiated, traffic on Bali is crazy, with motor bikes carrying entire families and no discernable traffic rules.  Without a safe driver, it can be quite nerve racking!
Bali really is a paradise with many wonderful things to see and so.  However, the traffic situation and getting around can be difficult if you don’t plan ahead, or at least, if you don’t find a professional driver.   It really pays to plan in advance and hire a good driver. (Tripadvisor.com)

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