Bali Tour Blog, Perfect Bali Tour Itinerary 4D/3N (Day 1)


Thank you for visiting My Bali tour blog, this My Bali tour blog : perfect 4D/3N itinerary in Bali  is an idea for you who wish to have a perfect Vacation in Bali.
Before you create an itinerary, you need to book your own travel ticket, accommodation and Bali private driver to complete your itinerary when you already in Bali.
The first day Bali itinerary:
Start from your home, make sure you packed all the things you may need to bring along. Check your passport, flight ticket etc.
Arriving in Bali, you will passed the custom check, make sure you havent carry illegal stuff, after you claim your luggage. 
The Bali private driver you booked will stand on the exit gate with the paper under your name to easier for you to find your local representative at the airport.
Hire Bali driver will ease you to plan the itinerary, just tell the driver and driver will be more happy to assist and fulfill all your request.
The tour itinerary for the first day will start from airport, if you are coming at noon time you may process with lunch you may try Various Bali local foods,
Recommended local foods warung (stall)
-Malioboro ayam tulang lunak : soft bone chicken (full A/C and served Halal foods)
-Nasi padang (padang foods) special with various menu of Indonesian foods (full A/C and served Halal foods)
-warung IIGA, jimbaran area. Is the famous for who loves Pork meat, this eating serve Indonesian and Balinese local food (full A/C, not recommended for Moslem tourist as it serving Pork meats)
Pandawa Beach Bali
Pandawa Beach

After lunch you will drive about 35 Minutes to visit new beach called Pandawa Beach, here you can see a huge limestone wall with Pandawa statue and 1 km long white sandy beach. This beach is very popular amongst the local and foreign tourist.
Entrance fee required at IDR. 15.000/Person for daily visit and IDR. 500.000 For wedding photo shot at this pandawa beach Bali.
30 minutes away we will drive to the second beach where you can see people doing surfing, a small beach with white sand and natural environment. It is called Padang padang beach.
Entry fee is free, only charged for car pass/Parking IDR. 5000
Uluwatu Temple Bali
Uluwatu Temple
Jimbaran bay bali
Jimbaran bay

Few meter ahead,we will meet the amazing Uluwatu temple located at the end of the Cliff, the public temple in Bali which stand on the cliff facing to Hindian ocean, you can walk along the cliff side with convenience path. But need to beware because of a group of Monkeys on this temple.
Also you can watch the local Balinese dancing show live daily at 6pm to 7pm. The traditional dancing performed with a group of  Dancer, using sound as the instrumental.

Bali Tour Blog, Perfect Bali Tour Itinerary 4D/3N (Day 3)

My tour blog, Bali tour itinerary 4D/3N (Day 3)
Taman Ayun Temple Bali
Taman Ayun Temple Bali
Continuing the second day Bali tour itinerary 4D/3N, the 3rd day tour will take approximately 10-11 hours, The driver pick up at 9.30Am at the hotel lobby, process with visiting the royal family Temple at Taman Ayun, Mengwi. A large temple compounds which is consider as a mother temple for the Village of Mengwi. Here you can see the complete temple building. entrance fee foe this temple visit is IDR. 15.000/Person.
bali temple tours
Bali Temples

The next stop is the Ulun Danu Beratan Temple (Floating temple) at Bedugul, a temple locatedin the side of the Lake beratan, when the water at the lake is full you will see this temple floating with mountainous and lake background. The weather is typically mountainous breezing, some time feel cold if cloudy, So you may prepare yourself with sweater. Entrance fee for this temple visit is IDr. 30.000/Person.

after temple visit we can stop at Bali local fruit and vegetable market at bedugul, Called candi kuning art market where you can get some local fruits, vegetable, and some merchandise, this market is popular for starwberry.

After visiting the market, we will find a restoi for the lunch, nothing special for the foods, but we chose to have indonesian food ala carte or buffet at Pacung village, a place where we can see the mountain view and rice terrace/terrace farming. food from IDR. 50.000 and up.

The next attraction is visiting Alas Kedaton Monkey forest, here you will be accompanied by the local guide to protect you from being distrurbed by the monkeys, the local guide will guide you around the park and its temple, Te entrance fee for this attraction is IDR. 15.000/Person including the guide.
Tanah lot temple bali
Pura Batu Bolong @ Tanah lot

The last of the tour is visiting the most famous Bali Attraction, Tanah Lot. Tanah means Land, Lot (Laut) means sea, so tanah lot mean land  on the sea or temple build on the land of the sea. Tanah lot temple has wide area, you can see Pura Batu Bolong (temple stands on the holey rock) you can see sunset with this temple background, The Pura Batu mejan is located in between the pura batu bolong and the Tanah lot temple from this temple you can see both temple on the both side.
Tanah lot main temple located in the mid of the sea, during the high tide the temple will floteing and we are not allowed to approach the temple for the safety fromn the strong wave, but during the low tide, we are possible to explore tho whole are of the temple. High and low tide is depends on the moon posisition, so it is not alway low tide in the evening. Entrance fee for Tanah lot temple IDR. 30.000\Person, Fee for wedding photography IDR. 500.000/Visit.

For the dinner, you may have nearby seminyak, Popular for fine dining and quality foods.

the conclussion of this 3rd Day Bali Tour Itinerary as detailed Below:
09.30: Pick up at Hotel
10.30-11.30: Taman Ayun Temple (IDR. 15.000/Person)
12.30-13.00: Ulun Danu Beratan Temple (IDR. 30.000/Person)
13.00-14.00: Lunch
14.10-15.00: Fruit and veg. Market
16.00-16.30: Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest
17.00-18.30: Tanah lot Temple Sunset
19.30-20.30: Dinner
21.00 Reach Back to Hotel.

Transportation for the tours IDR. 500.000/car/10 Hours, Include driver fee, fuel, parking and toll fees.

The last day Bali Tour itinerary to be continued on the next page!

Bali Tour Blog, Perfect Bali Tour Itinerary 4D/3N (Day 2)

My tour blog, Bali tour itinerary 4D/3N (Day 2) Continuing the first day Bali tour itinerary 4D/3N, the second day tour will take approximately 10-11 hours,
Bali traditional dancing
Barong Keris dance

The driver pick up at 08.30Am at the hotel lobby, process with the Traditional dancing show at Batu Bulan Village, the live dance show, Barong and keris dance show is one of the sacred Bali traditional dancing show where you can watch the balinese dancer, Balinese Intrumental (Gamelan) and trance session at the end of the dancing. This attraction available daily at 09.30am to 10.00am, admission ticket at IDR. 100.000/Person.
Tegalalang Rice terrace bali
Tegalalang Rice terrace
 The second attraction is visiting the Artisan village at Ubud, We will make stop at Bali Bidadari BAtik and weaving for the traditional weaving and Batik processing, few meter ahead we will visit UC silver, the biggest Silver and Goldsmith factory and Museum.
After this arts village, tour will continue to see the Rice terrace at Tegalalang village (north of Ubud) where you ccan see the cultivate rice paddy field and its local farmers, You may also trek the field and meet the farmer. Entrance fee at IDR. 10.000/ Person. on the way to the Volcano at Kintamani, we will stop for the coffee making proces at Bali pulina Agro tourism, where you can see the processing of Luwak Coffee, here you can learn how the luwak coffee and other Balinese drinks being made. Luwak (the asian civet cat) coffee is the most interesting coffee production, it has long process to be ready to drink. it is free for the entrance, but if wish to try a cup of luwak coffee will be charge IDR. 50.000/Cup.
Bali pulina coffee plantation
Bali Coffee processing

 At the noon time, we will reach the Volcano, a stunning view of Mountain and lake (Batur) while enjoy lunch with Local Indonesian foods served in Buffeet style, Here you can try as many foods as you like, it is famous for its fresh river fish menu, the entrance for the Volcano is IDR. 30.000/Person and buffee Lunch is IDR. 100.000 all inclussive soup, Main course, Fruit desert and drinks. enjoy lunch just in Front of the volcano with moutainous breezing. after having our lunch tour processed to visit the Holy Spring Temple (Pura Tirtha Empul), A temple with its spring water ponds where believed by local people as a place for spiritual mind and body cleansing. the temple entrance fee is IDR. 15.000/Person include sarong to enter the main part of the temple.
Bali Holy Spring Temple
Holy Spring Temple
Bali Volcano tours
Bali Volcano

The last attraction for the second day itinerary is visiting the waterfall called tegenungan water fall, located at Kemenuh village. entrance fee IDR. 10.000/ Person. The waterfall locatde down in the river with many shap steps, but you can easily see from the top while having some coconut drinks. Dinner you may interest to try the Crispy Duck meat, which is very popular in Bali.
Tegenungan Waterfall bali
Tegenungan Waterfall

THe itinerary conclussion as below:
08.00am: Pick up at the hotel
09.00-10.30: Watch Balinese Dancing show (IDR.100.000/person)
10.45-11.30: Visit Batik and silver art works
12.00-12.30: Tegalalang rice terrace (IDR.10.000/Person)
12.40-13.00: Bali Pulina coffee plantation
13.30-14.30: Lunch overlooking kintamani volcano (IDR.30.000/Person, Buffet IDR.100.000/Person)
15.00-16.00: Holy Spring Temple (IDR. 15.000/Person)
16.30-17.30: Tegenungan Waterfall (IDR. 10.000/Person)
18.30-19.30: Dinner
20.30. Arrive back to hotel Transportation Price for this tour is IDR. 500.000/Car/10 Hours ( 7 seats) Include driver fee, fuel, parking and toll fees That is the higlight of The Bali tour itinerary 4D/3N (Day 2), The 3rd day Bali tour itinerary will be continued on the next Page!

Bali Best attraction you Must Visit in Bali

Visiting Bali for the first time? Don't know where to go in Bali for the tours, Here we list you the attractions you must visit in Bali.

1. Tanah Lot Temple, Tanah lot temple in Bali is the most popular attraction you must visit during the tours in Bali, Tanah lot temple located approximately 1 hours away from Bali Airport, Best time to go is during the sunset time for the great view with Sunset background.
Tanah lot temple Bali
Tanah Lot Temple
2. Jati Luwih Rice Terrace, The widest rice terrace paddy in Bali, located approximately 2 hours from Bali Airport, Here you can do a short trekking circling all the paddy fields, capture the natural view and meet the Balinese farmers work at the paddy field or join them!
Bali Tour Driver guide
Jati Luwih Rice Terrace
3. Mount Batur And Lake (Bali Semi active Volcano), The volcano is called Mt. Batur, has a stunning view of volcano and Lake, Located approximately 2 Hours from Bali Airport, Best time to go during the lunch time and No Rain (Volcano may disappear when the heavy rains), and also can go early morning to catch the sunrise with hiking activities (takes 2 hours to climb up the volcano)
Bali volcano tours
Mt. Batur, Kintamani

4. Uluwatu Cliff Temple, Uluwatu temple is on of the directional temple in Bali located south west of Bali, Approximate 35 minutes from Bali Airport. An amazing temple located in the edge of the high cliff facing to the Indian ocean, Perfect time to visit during the Sunset. See also the group of Monkeys arfound the temple and watch daily performance Kecak fire Dance live show from 6-7PM.
Uluwatu temple bali tours
Uluwatu Temple
Those above places/Attraction in Bali you  must visit in Bali, Get the Bali tours with local Bali driver guide to visit all these places