02 December 2015

Bali Tour Blog, Perfect Bali Tour Itinerary 4D/3N (Day 1)

Thank you for visiting My Bali tour blog, this My Bali tour blog : perfect 4D/3N itinerary in Bali  is an idea for you who wish to have a perfect Vacation in Bali.
Before you create an itinerary, you need to book your own travel ticket, accommodation and Bali private driver to complete your itinerary when you already in Bali.
The first day Bali itinerary:
Start from your home, make sure you packed all the things you may need to bring along. Check your passport, flight ticket etc.
Arriving in Bali, you will passed the custom check, make sure you havent carry illegal stuff, after you claim your luggage. 
The Bali private driver you booked will stand on the exit gate with the paper under your name to easier for you to find your local representative at the airport.
Hire Bali driver will ease you to plan the itinerary, just tell the driver and driver will be more happy to assist and fulfill all your request.
The tour itinerary for the first day will start from airport, if you are coming at noon time you may process with lunch you may try Various Bali local foods,
Recommended local foods warung (stall)
-Malioboro ayam tulang lunak : soft bone chicken (full A/C and served Halal foods)
-Nasi padang (padang foods) special with various menu of Indonesian foods (full A/C and served Halal foods)
-warung IIGA, jimbaran area. Is the famous for who loves Pork meat, this eating serve Indonesian and Balinese local food (full A/C, not recommended for Moslem tourist as it serving Pork meats)
Pandawa Beach Bali
Pandawa Beach

After lunch you will drive about 35 Minutes to visit new beach called Pandawa Beach, here you can see a huge limestone wall with Pandawa statue and 1 km long white sandy beach. This beach is very popular amongst the local and foreign tourist.
Entrance fee required at IDR. 15.000/Person for daily visit and IDR. 500.000 For wedding photo shot at this pandawa beach Bali.
30 minutes away we will drive to the second beach where you can see people doing surfing, a small beach with white sand and natural environment. It is called Padang padang beach.
Entry fee is free, only charged for car pass/Parking IDR. 5000
Uluwatu Temple Bali
Uluwatu Temple
Jimbaran bay bali
Jimbaran bay

Few meter ahead,we will meet the amazing Uluwatu temple located at the end of the Cliff, the public temple in Bali which stand on the cliff facing to Hindian ocean, you can walk along the cliff side with convenience path. But need to beware because of a group of Monkeys on this temple.
Also you can watch the local Balinese dancing show live daily at 6pm to 7pm. The traditional dancing performed with a group of  Dancer, using sound as the instrumental.


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