12 September 2012

Bali Driver, Money exchange and Travel tips in Bali

I am A Bali Driver in Bali, During my experience in driving Tourist in Bali i have experience a lot of things, such as a problem with people who is trying to cheat the tourist during the tours or exchanging money.

The most often happen is the problem of exchanging money into Indonesian rupiah, Here below some preventive action to you before you getting cheated during exchanging Money.

Before changing your money make sure you have your own noted is without any mark, fold or tears, and make sure your note also the newest version one. also ask the money exchange staff whether their rate with or without commission charge, an authorized money changer in Bali has no commission fee.

Money exchange to chose:
find only trusted money changer, the most recommended is PT. CENTRAL KUTA, this authorized money changer is the only one offer best rate and it has many branch around Kuta, sanur, seminyak or Ubud. They will have LCD screen which will show your their up to date exchange rate which is change in every hours, They are online!

The Exchange Term and condition:
For US Dollar Note, Their note exchange rate is not the same, for small note ($ 1, $ 2, $5, $ 10, and $ 20) Those small note will have lower exchange rate than the bigger note ($ 50 and $ 100), so, if you want to get better exchange rate, do exchange only the bigger note.

The year of issue of Currency it self ( US Dollar) also influence the exchange rate, make sure you have the newest one.

Check your Indonesian Rupiah:
after transaction kindly check your amount and make sure you get the correct amount of your money.

Those problem is often happened in Bali, so please avoid the money changer which is offer too high rate, They are FAKE and TRICKY

Need more tips for your safe and convenience during your stay in Bali, Please contact me!.

I am a local driver in Bali who is love this island, and i wish this tips become useful so that Bali will have a good remark among the travelers.

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