07 November 2011

Uluwatu temple sunsets and its "naughty" monkey

Traveling to Bali without visiting Uluwatu Temple will make you miss a big things, Uluwatu Temple is an old temple stands in The edge of the cliff of Uluwatu Beach, South Kuta, Bali. Uluwatu temple is one of the most visited temple during the sunset time.
Its is located in above 100 meter high cliff facing to Indian ocean, with unblocked sunset view from the height. Beside the temple and Sunset you will also find a funny or even naughty monkeys behave here around the temples.
During the time visit the Uluwatu temple, it is recommended all the visitor to keep their valuable things such as glass/sun glass, wallet, earring and any colorful accessories in their handy bag to avoid the monkeys attack or grab it.
Here some tips for the travelers before entering the Temples:
  • Before entering the temple, make sure you read the announcement at the ticket desk, there are some rules that you may not/prohibited to do such Travelers must dressed well/must wear sarong and during the monthly periode (women) are not allowed to enter to the top of the temple
  • Ask your driver or guide to come with you to enter the temple
  • Don't ever touch the monkeys but you may feed them with nut or Banana (u may buy them at the main gate before entering the temple)
  • Beware of your stuff (hate,glasses or any easy lose stuff) since the monkeys may come and stole it suddenly
  • Hold a trunk during you are in the temple area this avoid the monkey approach you (but please don't hit them....)
  • if you lost your stuff that is stolen by the monkey, call the local people (usually they bring a monkey's feeding with traditional costume) ask him to help you to get your stolen stuff from the monkey. the monkey may break it if you are late...when you get your stolen stuff from the monkey, give the person a small amount of money (10.000-20.000 IDR or more) 
Beside the naughty monkeys you may also see the funny behave of the monkeys around the temple.
Things to do and to see at Uluwatu Temple:
High limestone cliff, Temples, Beach, sunset and Daily show of Kecak and fire dance during the sunset, Ticket price at IDR 70.000 to watch the dancing with sunset and temple background.


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