21 July 2011

Where to get Halal foods in Bali?

Bali halal foods
Bali Local Foods
There are lot of information or thing to find in Bali, one of the most important is about food, think everyone would not miss this important things. Well, Bali is visited bay overseas and local traveler, As we know that Bali people is majority live in Hindu Culture that is having no problem with the daily meals, It is opposite that travelers are also coming in Moslem culture which is require a Halal foods due to they did not eat pork. Even Bali people are mostly Hindu, there are lots of Shop or restaurants offer a halal food, so Halal Food is not hard to find around Bali. Here is a few recommendations to find Halal foods:
  • Kindly go to Mc Donald, A&W or KFC for the easiest way, just ask your local tour provider to bring there, it is easily found only in Denpasar, Kuta, Sanur and Nusa Dua area. 
  • Go to "Masakan Padang" or "Masakan Minang" labeled food court, Masakan Padang or Minang or in english we commonly said Padang or Minang Food court is also easily found in each tourist destinations in Bali, it is available every where in Bali.
  • Go To Seafood specialist restaurants like Jimbaran bay or other shop which is sell only seafoods.
  • Find vegetarian restaurant if you are not consume any meat at all.
How to know whether the restaurants are halal or not? the simple way is look at their shop wall and find it is there any or not a halal certifications or halal sticker in their shops, Or the second way use a tricky questions such as "Do you have pork to day?" or more specified asking "Do you have pork steaks to day?" So you will know based on their answer.
Hope this post or article may help your great vacation in Bali.

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