20 July 2011

Bali's Sunsets: Where to see sunset in Bali?

Sunset is described and refers to a romantic or a nature beauty scenery with orange color sky in the afternoon which you may find in the several destinations/Places in Bali. There are various destinations with sunset spot you will find in Bali that you may want to choose, Here you are the list:

#1. Sunset at Uluwatu Temple with traditional dancing
Sun set at Uluwatu temple is the Best place to see a spectacular nature sunset, Located in the south west Bali there are a temple in the edge of the cliff with a group of "Naughty" Monkey live in the surrounding. Located in the Cliff side (approximately 100 meters high cliff) the wide ocean is in front of you. While see the sun set there also a a daily show of Balinese traditional dancing of Kecak and Ramayana which is Perform daily start at 6pm.

#2. Sunset at Jimbaran Bay with Fresh sea food Dinner
Jimbaran Bay is another white sandy beach which is offering a Romantic Dinner with fresh seafoods, The beach is located only 10 minutes from the international air port, There are about 20 restaurant sets in the front row of jimbaran beach with Air port, hills and Sunset view. The unique of jimbaran bay restaurant is they are set their table on the sand directly just in front of the waves breaks. Enjoying dinner at Jimbaran Bay with your favourite seafood while enjoying the beautiful sunset in the relaxing evening. Some of the restaurant also providing Daily local dancing as a daily free live performance while enjoy your memorable dinner with beloved ones or Families.

#3. Sunset at Tanah lot with Temple Background
Tanah lot temple is one of the unique temple which is stand in a separated big rock in the middle of the sea, Located about 1 hour drive from Kuta tourist center, Visiting Tanah lot temple is a favourite tour, Since during the tour there will be a wide rice field view along the way to reach the main temple with a green plantations and at the end the spectacular view of Temple will make you feel amazed. After watching a great sunset there also recommended to take dinner at the cliff side restaurant.

#4. Sunset at KU DE TA Bar and Restaurants
This is a Formal Dinning Restaurant at Seminyak Beach (Another beach next to Kuta beach). KU DE TA Bar and restaurant is a world class dining which is offering a great delicious foods and beach front exclusive sunset. To make the reservation for the sunset dinner must make prior reservation and must wearing a formal dress.

#5. Kuta Beach sunset while relaxing
Kuta beach is a beach which is never empty visitors both local and foreigners visitor, Kuta beach offers a great sunset for who want to enjoy, relax and capture some memorable pictures.

Beside those top 5 Sunset places, You may also try another sunset at Dreamland beach, Padang-Padang Beach or Blue point Beach which is also providing great sunset view.

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