01 January 2012

Water sport in Bali, Tanjung Benoa beach


Fly with a single parachute which is pulled by powerful speed boat, With the height up to 80 meters above the sea level, Starting from the sand, the boat will bring you around to see the Bali island from the height to see the beauty.
Kids are allowed with tandem flight
Banana Boat Ride

The Big rubber boat, Banana shapes, Pulled by speed boat to the middle of the Tanjung Benoa Beach. more exciting while drop your self to the water during the ride (based on request)

Kids are allowed
Jet Ski Ride

A motor speedy boat, operate like a motor bike with speeds control. drive it as fast as you want and recommended drive with local instructor for the safety ride.
self drive available with agreement sign.
Kids are allowed
Fly Fish

The most favourite water sport activities in Tanjung Benoa, a brand new modification of water sport activities, with 2 person and 1 instructor on it, pulled by power speedy boat and fly you high like a kite.
kids above 10 years old are allowed
Roulette Doughnut

The round shaped rubber boat, pulled by speedy boat, drive you around to the middle of the sea while feels the speeds and the shakes

Kids above 10 years are allowed
Wake Board

This water sport activities require a fit stamina, body balance and surf or snowboard basic required, available also for beginner with local instructor. Water skiing also available

Kids above 10 years old allowed
Turtle island and fish feeding

Using a transparent boat, to visit the turtle sanctuary in the mangrove forest. See the turtles and local animals while feeding the fish along the way to the turtle sanctuary farm.

Kids are allowed

A boat snorkeling is also available in tanjung Benoa beach, snorkel in the shallow water while feeds the local colorful fishes while see the bottom line of the sea.

Kids are allowed
The water sport In tanjung Benoa, Bali Beach is open daily from 8am to 5pm. No swimming skill require for each activities. Some of the water sport activities is available during the high tide for better and efficient time. all equipment and insurance included. Need this type of tour and further details, kindly drop your request to my contact!

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