07 January 2012

Recommended place to eat in Bali

During the day tour in Bali there are lots of restaurants, food court and local cuisine that is easily found in the tourism destinations, but not all of them are recommended worth a try.
There are only a few list of restaurant that is mostly people love to try. Eating in restaurant is your best choice to prevent your self from any disease or allergy. The label of "restaurants" is a registered company of Bali tourism associations. Here you are the list of the restaurants which has been rated above average for foods taste and environment from all my previous customers.

Warung made, Kuta
 Warung made ("made" is a Balinese name of a second kids in Bali family)
this restaurant is always busy during lunch or dinner time, it is providing indonesian menu. located in the busy road to the kuta beach with a row of small shop around.

Bamboo corner resto, Kuta
If you looking for a cheap and tasty foods, this place is very popular amongst the traveler, located in the poppies lane I which is no access for car entry, a few walk to reach this resto. this place is a moderate building resto and it is almost busy during the dinner time. not bookable and you have to queuing to get a table.

Ibu Oka Babi guling, Ubud
this is the local most famous place to have alunch during a day trip in Bali, this is a trully local food which is tasty, spice and a bit hot food. there are 2 places currently open in Ubud area, one is located behind the Ubud palace, accross Ubud Market and the new branch is currently located at mas village, a few km from ubud market.

Bebek bengil Restaurant
Bebek Bengil (English: Dirty Duck) the dirty words means is it spices, the naked duck is spiced with a special mixed spice in a whole body of the duck, the spice is tasty and mostly use Balinese spice. there also available for any kind of food choices beside duck.

Nuri's Warung, Ubud
Nuri's warung is a special small resto which is famous with its BBQ, located a few meter from the central ubud, ask your driver to find this please.

Jimbaran Bay seafood, Jimbaran
Jimbaran Bay is a great place and great view, here almost 20 restaurants open daily offer a fresh grilled seafood. the restaurants is open for lunch and dinner.also available for special request decoration for anniversary,wedding,Birth day celebrations (free cake) and honeymoon romantic dinner. Prior booking required for the special arrangement request.

Ulam restaurant, Nusa dua
Just located outside the Bali resort area, in Nusa Dua, it is recommended place to have food in Nusa dua area,  Nicely situated in Pantai Mengiat (Mengiat Beach), the Ulam Restaurant clearly declares itself as a Balinese and Sea Food Restaurant. Some of Ulam's specialities are Seafood Basket, Ikan Bakar Ulam Special, Seafood Parade, Indonesian Rijstafel, Special Bali Megibung. All are prepared with purified water.  

Bumbu Bali restaurant, Nusa Dua
 Bumbu Bali, as it names, this is a local balinese restaurant with its balinese spice and taste, this restaurant has branch in Nusa dua and Ubud area. Available also for cooking class and market.

Sungai Seafood restaurant,Kuta
if you looking for good for live/fresh seafoods, Sungai seafood restaurant will be a great choice for you to have a delicious seafood lunch or dinner, This restaurant is located in kuta area, near the airport. This restaurant is most recommended if you wish to have a delicious and tasty seafood menu. This restaurant is most recommended also from the chef, i have had dinner here twice with my customer from Singapore, A chef. he like this restaurant only for his Dinner with his family.

Enjoying a great quality and taste of foods will make your memorable vacation in Bali and i am sure you would love to come again to visit Bali.

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