16 November 2011

Indonesian Rupiah, Where to Exchange?

 This travel tips is my experience with my past customer from Honkong, Ms. Clemmei with her 3 friends. She is my customer that book my service via this site and we have had a long conversation Before she arrived in Bali.
Clemmie and her friends has their own A must go places and i combined their activities with some common tours in Bali. Once upon a time, she ask me to drive them to get more Indonesian rupiah because they need more cash for meals and shopping. i drove them to Central Kuta money changer and Clemmie was very surprised with the rate of HongKong Dollar was much higher than what she got at the airport Money changer, she had exchange HKD $ 5.000 with the rate around IDR 900, so she got around 4.500.000 IDR, then when we arrived at the central Kuta money changer she was exchanging HKD $ 3000 with the rate was 1,100 for 1 HKD $ so it was 200 IDR difference...while waiting, i took the calculator and tried calculated the difference of the airport money changer and the Central Kuta Money changer. Then i show to her "clemmie, you have lost around 1 million on the airport money changer" then she was very shock and her face was very disappointed.

Well, this bellow tips is very useful for the visitor or the first time visitor:
  • DON't Exchange your currency at the airport money changer, their rate was very low
  • Get your local currency ONLY at Central Kuta money changer, its money changer has the up to date rate (higher than others)
please don't forget to calculate the amount you will get by using your own calculator.
How ever where ever you change your currency, please recount the nominal you received before leaving their office. any claim after leaving will not being processed. 

The central Kuta Logo
Their branch is easily found in Kuta,Nusa Dua, Denpasar and Ubud Area. CHOOSE ONLY THIS MONEY CHANGER TO GET YOUR LOCAL INDONESIAN RUPIAH

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